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Nechiyil Ayurveda Vaidyasala, Cherpulassery, Palakkad, Kerala, Indi..

Nechiyil Ayurveda Vaidyasala, Cherpulassery, Palakkad, Kerala, India

Nechiyil Ayurveda Vaidyasala, Cherpulassery, Palakkad, Kerala, India
Nechiyil is a traditional Ayurvedic family having a trace back of minimum five year generations. Nechiyil physicians were the palace physicians of Kollangode and Samoothiri. Still the tradition is continuing with all the potentialities of the said tradition. Mainly the center entertain the treatment of eight branches of Ayurveda along with siddha treatment. Also provide Kalari marma treatment those who are required. The medicines are manufactured in the own pharmacy.


  • Dr. Sasikumar Nechiyil B.A.M.S, M.D

Dr. Sasikumar Nechiyil has played a key role for leading all the institutions of Nechiyil. After taking degree B.A.M.S from Kottakkal Ayurveda College he completed post graduation M.D [Ay.] from Jamnagar Ayurved University in Rasasastra. He is the disciple of late Krishnankutty Vaidyar, Kannankulangara who was an authority of Rasasastra and Sidha system. He got guidance from late Abu Vaidyar, Ferok , who was well known for Sidha treatment and Visha chikitsa [Toxicology including snake bite treatment].

  • Dr. Krishnaprabha B.A.M.S

Dr. Krishnaprabha is also practicing in this clinic, she took her degree from Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College, Ollur.Sidha treatment is also provided to those who are needy of the medication. All the medicines are prepared in our pharmacy.


Sidha and Kalari


  • Basti Karma
  • Virchana Karma
  • Vamana Karma
  • Nasya Karma
  • Rakta Moksha Karma
  • Pizzichil
  • Netra Tarpana
  • Shirodharra
  • Localized Bastis
  • Rasachikitsa

Accomodation facilities: Separate rooms with bath room attached

Source of food: From own gardern; The food may vary according to the prescription of Vaidyas

Is food organic?: Yes

Is white sugar served?: Yes

Are nightshades served?: No

Is chilli served?: Yes

Is there any pollution in the vicinity?: No

Noise in the vicinity?: No

Are there cell phone towers?: No

Is vaastu applied?: Yes


Number of doctors in Hospital: 4



Karalmanna P.O., Cherpulassery, Palakkad, Kerala State, India 679506
Palakkad, Kerala, India
Nearest Railway Station: Ottapalam Railway Station
Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport

Contact Info

Phone: 04662281540, 04662970540

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