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Arshatheertham Ayurveda Hospital, Trivandrum, Kerala, India, Attingal

Arshatheertham Ayurveda Hospital, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Arshatheertham Ayurveda Hospital, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Dr. Sandhya Kumary K. G. who is loving and respecting Ayurveda is here to give personalized Ayurvedic treatment care. This care includes Accommodation, Food, Medicine, Yoga and different Treatment programmes such as Abhyangam, Sirodhara, Lepanam, Dhanyamla Dhara etc, more of those under the treatments tab.

The construction finished and hospital was inaugurated on 10th June 2011 by Sage Prakasananda, disciple of Sage Sreenarayana Guru who was a social reformer, Philosopher and Spiritual teacher.


Dr.Sandhya Kumary K. G.

Dr.Sandhya Kumary K. G., learned Ayurveda at the Govt. Ayurveda College in Trivandrum and University of Kerala during the period 1985-1991. 
She is from a traditional Ayurveda family, her grandfather Mr. Kumaran also learned ayurveda from the same Ayurveda College. She has been working in Edengarden Ayurvedic health retreat in Varkala from 1998-2004.

Dr.Sandhya Kumary K. G. wishes to give a genuine personal Ayurvedic care combining treatment packages, food, medicines and yoga.



General Therapies

  • Abhiyanga – Oil massage
  • Udwarthanam – Powder massage
  • Sirodhara – Pouring luke warm medicated oil or medicated milk or medicated buttermilk along the forehead in a special pattern.
  • Vasthi – Stagnated Medicated warm oil over painful part of the body within herbal paste boundary.
  • Lepanam – Application of medicinal paste on different part or whole body.
  • Snehapanam - Internal administration of oily medicine.
  • Tharpanam - Stagnated liquid medicine in the eyes in a herbal paste boundary.
  • Anjanam / Aschothanam - To clean the eyes.
  • Pizhichil – Pouring medicated warm oil on the body in a special way.
  • Kizhi – Application of cloth bag fitted with herbal medicines dipped in oil milk/medicated water etc.
  • Dhanyamla Dhara – Pouring warm medicated water out of rice, bam etc.
  • Naleeswedam – Sweating done by applying steam from medicated water coming through tube.
  • Bashpaswedan – Steam bath, sweating down by sitting in steam box.
  • Vamana – Vomitting
  • Virechana – Purgation
  • Vasthi – Enema
  • Nasyam – Nasal therapy
  • Rakthamoksham – Blood letting


Courses Provided:

Massage Course
Duration: 1 month

Panchakarma Assistant Course
Duration : 6 months + 6 months

Accomodation facilities: Per day treatment packages or programmes varies from 50 to 150 Euros including room, treatment, food and medicine during treatment and yoga. Internet, phone, laundry and medicines to be used after treatment and stationary items if needed will be charged extra.

Price Details: Per day treatment packages or programmes varies from 50 to 150 Euros including room, treatment, food and medicine during treatment and yoga.

Source of Food: From own garden

Is food Organic?: Yes

Is white sugar served?: No

Are nightshades served?: Yes

Is chilli served?: Yes

Is there any pollution in the vicinity?: No

Noise in the vicinity?: No

Is vaastu applied?: Yes

Are there cell phone towers?: No



Dr Sandhya Kumary, Arshatheertham Ayurveda Hospital, Kadakkavoor, Attingal, Trivandrum, India
Attingal, Kerala, India
Nearest Railway Station: Kadakkavoor
Nearest Airport: Trivandrum

Contact Info

Phone: +9747512810

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