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Calicut Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre Ltd., Calicut, Kerala, ..

Calicut Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre Ltd., Calicut, Kerala

Calicut Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre Ltd., Calicut, Kerala

Calicut Ayurveda Hospital & Research centre provides ancient and traditional methods of ayurvedic treatments involving combination of herbal medicines, physical massages and various forms of therapies. It is a well equipped, authentic, traditional and 150-bed ayurvedic treatment centre in Kerala.

Calicut Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre will be the single point of access and the great gate way only through which you can access to the most modernized form of our ancient healing tradition, equipped with world class standards to receive even the foreigners, under the supervision of efficient medical team and dedicated staff. We offer personalized treatment and care.




This centre provides general treatments are; Pizhichil, Shirovasti, Nasyam, Podikizhi, Ksheeradhoomam, Sandhivatha Chikithsa, Psoriasis treatment, Shirodhara, Udvartanam, Snehapanam, Kativasti, Talam, Shwasakosha hikitsa, Rasayana treatment, Vasti, Abhyanga, Elakizhi, Urovasti, Thalapothichil and Sukanidra.

Special treatments for sexual disorders, 100% guaranteed treatment for: Heart block, Kidney stone, Piles, B.P.H (Without surgery), Diabetes, Liver cirrhosis and Sports related injuries. Special packages for maternity and child care.



It provides healing nature and benevolently organized premises with clean, moisturized and well furnished rooms .Air conditioned & non-air conditioned cottages to stay. We have cottages brilliantly decorated reflecting the architectural splendor of Kerala.


Our restaurants serve delicious and hygienic vegetarian/non-vegetarian food.



Mannildam, P.B No. 33, Pot N.I.T Campus, Calicut - 673 601, Kerala.
Chendamangalam, Kerala, India
Nearest Railway Station: A Relaxing environment is vital to the restorative process. That is the main reason why Calicut Ayurveda Hospital is strategically situated at Chathamangalam, a tranquil and beautiful place which is 15 km away from the heart of Calicut city.

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Phone: +91 495 2287089, +91 98474 73225

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