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Aditya Ayurveda Hospital, Palghat, Kerala, Mannarakkat

Aditya Ayurveda Hospital, Palghat, Kerala

Research centres
Aditya Ayurveda Hospital, Palghat, Kerala
This Center is part of the Clinical Research Network promoted by Centre for Ayurvedic Research and Development (CARD) in Trichur, Kerala - an organization that initiated activities related to a decentralized and cost-effective form of Clinical Practice in Kerala. This Center has an ambience to enhance and accelerate the healing process. Out in the countryside, it has simple, comfortable rooms where one can be assured of personal attention tailored to the individual. The setting is ideal for physical and mental healing. There is an outpatient clinic and pharmacy associated with it. The manufacturing wing has around 200 medicines prepared under the supervision of doctors. This is to ensure the availability of good quality medicines to the inpatients and outpatients. Aditya Ayurveda Hospital is doing research on medicinal preparation and treatment; as well as documenting all clinical cases coming to the Center.


Bhaskaran Vaidyar -  General physician who is a traditional healer, practising Ayurveda for 40 years, Dr. P.K Sathyanarayanan - General physician well-versed in Panchakarma& other forms of Ayurveda Therapy, and practising Ayurveda since 1992, Dr. Suma Sathyanarayanan - General physician hailing from a traditional Ayurveda family,she started practising in 1994 & specialises in diseases of women and children.



The treatments offered by this centre are: Abhyanga,  Podi kizhi,  Snehapana,  Virechana,  Sirovasti,  Snehana,  Sarvangadhara,  Thakradhara,  Nasya,  Ela kizhi, Navarakizhi,  Vamana,  Snehavasti, Shirodhara, Swedana,  Rasayanam, Thalapothichil.




Chethalloor (P.O) Mannarkkad, Palghat - 678609, Kerala.
Mannarakkat, Kerala, India
Nearest Railway Station: It is near Palghat, Kerala.

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Phone: +919747352425, 91-4924.234417, +91-944779806

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