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Krishnendu Ayurveda Hospital, Alappuzha

Krishnendu Ayurveda Hospital

Krishnendu Ayurveda Hospital
It is established in 1908, has been rich in possessing wisdom of four generations with the grace of Ayurveda to cure and refresh. Krishnendu brings exclusive programme for a host of diseases including Arthritis and Spine disorders to restore optimal health and well-being.
Nearest KSRTC Bus Station Haripad (5 km).


Dr. Suresh Babu
Chief Physician at Krishnendu Ayurveda
A prolific health professional with excellent academics and experience in the field of ayurveda.of clinical experience and have successfully treated over a hundred thousand patients. His eminence as the descendant of Chingoli Ayurveda family of physicians which hails from 19th century.
Through continuous innovation and research, Dr. Suresh has specialised in treating diseases like arthritis, back ache etc

Dr. Mohan Babu
Chief Physician at Krishnendu Ayurveda
Dr.Mohan babu is the Chief Physician at Krishnendu Ayurveda hospital. His eminence is the fourth generation descendant of Chingoli Ayurveda family of physicians which hails from 19th century.After his graduation from the prestigious Govt.Ayurveda College Trivandrum, University of Kerala, he started his career by joining his traditional family of Ayurveda physicians.He enjoys more than 30 years of clinical experience and have successfully treated over a hundred thousand patients. Through continuous innovation and research, Dr. Mohan Babu has specialized in spine and joint care.He has also received Global Excellence Award 2010 for his achievements from the Hon.Health Minister of Kerala.

Dr.Sandeep Krishna
Senior Consultant Physician at Krishnendu Ayurveda
Dr. Sandeep Krishna is the fourth generation descendant of the Chingoli family, well known for its century old Ayurvedic heritage. Beyond his bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine (BAMS),he has finished his post-graduation specialized in Panchakarma. He has presented many academic research papers internationally ,Dr. Sandeep Krishna is also serving as a consulting chief physician in Krishnendu Ayurveda Hospital and also in charge of administering the International Business and Operations of the centre. His enthusiasm and undying commitment towards Ayurveda, enables him to drive the hospital to International fame.


We offer both inpatient and outpatient services. Both departments are equipped with modern facilities. Different treatment modules are developed and designed on an individualized basis by our physicians. Our inpatient accommodation includes either single or twin bedroom with private veranda. Suites are equipped with telephone, cable television, A.C, and refrigerator and a private veranda. Also, Redefining, rejuvenation, we have walking trails in our ambience where you can go for a short walk In-patient accommodations.

All rooms are very clean and have private bathroom facilities. We have separate treatment rooms with utmost privacy for male and female, so that you can relax your mind and body at Krishnendu.


The treatments are offered by this clinic are; Health Care Programmes, The Rejuvenation Packages, Detoxification Package, Slimming Package, Pain Management Programme, Abhyanga (Cleansing Massage), Snehadhara (Oil Treatment), Shirodhara (Oil Treatment), Swedam (Herbal Steam Bath), Njavara Kizhi (Massage with special types of rice puddlings), Sneha vasthi (Oil based enemas), Kashaya vasthi (Medicinal enemas), Nasyam (Head cleaning by medicinal nasal drops), Virechanam (Purgation, cleansings techniques, Vamanam (Emesis).


We offers Beauty Salon, Walk Trail, Dental Appointments, Yoga, Treated Water, Mini Library, Mail, Fax, Courier Service, Car Rentals, Restaurant, Herbal Garden, Airport Transfer & Pickup, Air/Train/Road Reservation, Physiotherapy Department, Cable Television, Internet Browsing Centre, Laundry Service, Foreign Exchange Facility.



Krishnendu Ayurveda Hospital, Chingoli, Alappuzha, Kerala
Alappuzha, Kerala, India
Nearest Railway Station: Haripad (5 km), Kayamkulam (15 km) and Mavelikara (15 km).
Nearest Airport: Trivandrum (110 km) & Cochin (115 km).

Contact Info

Phone: +91 479 2486337, 2485577, 2485588
Fax: +91 479 2486887

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