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Jai Hind Kalari Sangham, Kottayam

Jai Hind Kalari Sangham

Jai Hind Kalari Sangham
Sri I. Nazer gurukkal (Master), one of the renowned Guru’s of Kalarippayattu has been training Kalaripayattu in southern style [MURAI – the oldest form of the martial art Kalaripayattu], and also conducting Kalari Marma Chikilsa (therapeutic treatment in vital points), since 1978 when he was at 22. He has trained Kalaripayattu and Kalari treatment under 12 masters in Thiruvanathapuram and Kanyakumari, and is presently teaching southern style Kalaripayattu in Kottayam district. He is the founder and manager of Jai Hind Kalari which specializes in Kalari Marma Treatment methods which is very effective in back pain, joint pain, spine problems etc.




Lower Back Pain | Prolapsed Disc | Disc Degeneration | Arthritis | Osteoarthritis | Cervical Spondylosis | Slipped Disc | Joint Pain | Hemiplegia | Fracture | Muscular Tension | Muscular Spasm | Intervertebral Disc Prolapse Ivdp | Muscle Cramps | Joint Dislocations | Emaciation Of Muscles & Limbs | Muscular Fatigue | Neck Ache | Frozen Shoulder | Strain Of Muscles | Sprain Of Muscles | Sports Injuries | Neck Stiffness | Diseases Of Joints | Diseases Of Muscles | Knee Pain | Neck Ridigity | Spine Diseases | Spine Care | Joint Degeneration




Reg No: 43/88, MG University Road, Mattom Jn, District Kottayam, Athirampuzha, Kerala 686562, India
Kottayam, Kerala, India
Nearest Railway Station: Kottayam
Nearest Airport: Nearest airport is at Cochin

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Phone: +91 94479 17937

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