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Medicated oils are applied to the eyes and surrounding areas for a specific amount of time. Akshi is the Sanskrit word for eyes, while Tarpan is the Sanskrit word for sustenance. This procedure is used in conjunction with other herbal remedies to cure various eye disorders such as refractive error, Xerophthalmia, and others, as well as to enhance the appearance of the eyes.

The eye is filled with medicinal oil or ghee for a period of time during this procedure. The patient is asked to lie comfortably on the table. Then, using black gram dough, a circular border with a height of about one and a half inches is created around the eye socket (Masha). Then, while keeping the eyelids closed, slowly pour the slightly warmed medicinal ghee or oil into this cavity. During this procedure, the patient is instructed to remain calm, immobile, and to open and close his or her eyes often so that the medicine can stay in contact with the eyeball.

Akshi Tarpana Benefits
  • Enhances your vision
  • Relieves dry, itchy, and inflamed eyes.
  • Prevents the development of cataracts.
  • Eye nerves and muscles are strengthened
  • Refractive defects are corrected.
  • Aids in the treatment of persistent conjunctivitis.
  • Refreshes tired and irritated eyes.
  • Tension in the eye sockets is relieved.

The procedure of Akshi Tarpana
  • The client is told to lie down on their back on the Droni (massage table)
  • Around the eyeball, a dough ring made of black gram is put.
  • The medicinal ghee for each dosha is prepared lukewarm (around 27 degrees Celsius)
  • With the eyes closed, the ghee is poured into the hollow until it completely covers the eyelashes.
  • The person is told to blink his or her eyes.
  • The ghee and the ring are removed at the end of the operation, and the eyes are cleaned with a cotton swab.
  • With their eyes closed, the victim is forced to sniff the medicinal smoke.
  • He should avoid bright light for a few days following the treatment. The therapy will last 30 minutes.

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