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Signs of proper amount of food intake

Signs of proper amount of food intake

Food quantlity
According to Charaka samhita, the consumer of the food should divide the total capacity of his stomach into three parts – a third of the portion of the space should be allocated to solid food articles, a third to liquid food substances and the remaining third should be left for the (movement of) vata, pitta and kapha. One who keeps this basic thumb-rule during dietary intake, does not get affected by any adverse effect arising out of improper amount of diet. 

Signs of proper amount of food taken are described in charaka samhita as:

tatra mAtrAvattvaM pUrvamuddiShTaM kukShyaMshavibhAgena, tadbhUyo vistareNAnuvyAkhyAsyAmaH| tadyathA kukSherapraNIDanamAhAreNa, hRudayasyAnavarodhaH, pArshvayoravipATanam, anatigauravamudarasya, prINanamindriyANAM, kShutpipAsoparamaH, sthAnAsanashayanagamanocchvAsaprashvAsa hAsyasa~gkathAsu sukhAnuvRuttiH, sAyaM prAtashca sukhenapariNamanaM balavarNopacayakaratvaM, ca; iti mAtrAvato lakShaNamAhArasya bhavati||6||

Whether the amount of food to be consumed is appropriate or not is determined on the basis of the capacity of the stomach and its division into three parts, as mentioned earlier. Any quantity of food to be consumed can be considered appropriate if

1) it does not exert undue pressure on the abdomen

2) it does not cause obstruction in the proper functioning of the heart

3) It does not exert any pressure on the sides of the chest

4) It does not leave a feeling of excessive heaviness in the abdomen, 

5) It properly nourishes(satisfies) the sense organs

6) It subsides hunger and thirst

7) after consuming which the person is able to perform activities such as standing, sitting, walking, exhaling, inhaling, laughing, and talking with ease, and

8) Finally it is easy to digest even when taken in the morning and evening hours. 

Food consumed in the appropriate quantity enhances strength, complexion, and nourishment of tissues. 

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