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Uses yashtimadhu in other systems of medicine

yashtimadhu :

yashtimadhu  : Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn.

Use in other system of medicine:

In China, licorice is considered a superior balancing or harmonizing agent and is added to numerous herbal formulas. 
It is used to soothe coughs and reduce inflammation, soothe and heal ulcers and stomach inflammation, control blood sugar, and balance hormones.
 Licorice is great for healing canker sores and cold sores (herpes simplex virus). 
Licorice is a potent antiviral agent and can be used to treat flu, herpes, and even hepatitis.
Licorice is also a strong anti-inflammatory agent and can be used to improve the flavor of other herbs. 
With all of these uses, it is no wonder that licorice finds its way into so many therapies.

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