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Distribution and conservation of yashtimadhu - Glycyrrhiza glabra..

yashtimadhu :

yashtimadhu  : Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn.

Geographical distribution:

Local: Bahariyah and Siwa oases 
Regional: Mediterranean region and Middle East countries. 
Global: Native to the Mediterranean region and parts of Asia. It is cultivated worldwide.


Liquorice enjoys fertile, sandy or clay soil near a river or stream where enough water is available for the plant to flourish in the wild, or under cultivation where it can be irrigated.

Plant conservation:

Widely distributed in Eurasia, Glycyrrhiza glabra is not considered to be threatened. Where it is cultivated as a crop, it is normally harvested in a sustainable manner, although there are some concerns that the commercial harvest of rhizomes can be destructive to naturally occurring populations and their habitats

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