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Uses of ulkata - Polyalthia longifolia (Sonn.) Thwaites

ulkata :

Polyalthia longifolia

General Use:

 In traditional medicines various herbal preparations are being used for treating dueodenal ulcers. The plant has been used in traditional system of medicine for the treatment of fever, skin diseases, diabetes, hypertension and helminthiasis.

Therapeutic Uses:

It has bitter, acrid, cooling, febrifuge, and anthelminthic properties. In many parts of India, it is used for treating fever, mouth ulcers, rheumatism, menorrhagia, scorpion sting, diabetes, vitiate conditions of vata, and pitta, and skin disease. The bark is given to treat excessive mensuration, and white discharge.

Systemic Use:

The pulp of flowers is used as a remedy for dysentery




Polyalthia longifolia is a versatile plant which is used to treat rheumatism, menorrhagia, scorpion sting, diabetes, skin disease, hypertension, helminthiasis and also in treatment for the digestive system

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