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rajamasha - Malaxis muscifera

rajamasha :

rajamasha  : Malaxis muscifera
Rajamasha is also called as malaxis muscifera. Rajamasha is a small twinning annual herb, it has small flowers with white and purple colour. The fruits are long pods that are containing 10-20 seeds, with a variety of colours from white and black. This herb is commonly used in the treatment of liver.

Taxonomical Classification

Kingdom: Plantae - Plants
Family: Orchidaceae


English: none


Synonyms in Ayurveda: rajamasha

Rajamasha contains antioxidant properties that are very useful in treating liver diseases. The most useful part of this herb is its seed. Few significant improvements are in antioxidant capacity and hepatic activity of antioxidant enzymes.

KEY WORDS: Raja masha, Malaxis muscifera

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