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Uses of patrangah - Caesalpinia sappan Linn.

patrangah :

patrangah  : Caesalpinia sappan Linn.

Therapeutic Uses:

पतंग मधुरं शीतं पित्त श्लेष्म व्रणास्त्रनुत् /
हरीचन्दनवद् वेद्द विशेषाद् दाहनाशनम् // भा प्र
कुचंदनं तु तिक्त स्यात् सुगन्धी व्रण रोपणम् / ध .नि
वातपित्तज्वरघ्नच विस्फोटोन्माद भूत हृत् ‘// रा .नि

It is useful in atisara as stambhana. In raktaas shonitasthapana. It is also useful in unmade, apasmara as akshepahara; as kusthaghna and dahashamak. Its decoction should be given internally and used as uttarabasti as thereby it acts as stambhana in rakta and shvetapradara.
– Dried heartwood used against inflammation.
– Decoction is used as diuretic.
– Roots, stems and seeds used as sedative and vulnerary.

It is also known as ” Kuchandan ” in dhanwantari and rajnighntu churna of Patranga used for vranaropan and raktasthambh

Systemic Use:

In case of rohini application of Patanga(Caesalpinia sappan) with sugar and honey is much beneficial

Improve renal functions
A Bark decoction is given.
Itches, urticaria and rashes
Heart wood paste with coconut milk is applied externally.
Thirst and urinary disorders due to diabetes
Heart wood decoction is taken before sleep.

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