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medasaka - Litsea chinensis Lam.

medasaka :

medasaka  : Litsea chinensis Lam. Litsea is an important genus of Lauraceae, the cinnamon family, many species of which are being used for various medicinal and ethno-botanical purposes from time immemorial. There are nearly 400 species of Litsea Lam. growing in the warm climate of Asian countries. In India, 45 species are found to grow throughout the country, except in the desert parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The genus has high species concentration in the evergreen forests of the Himalaya (28 species) and the Deccan Peninsula (25 species). Of the all species, scanty of literature is available on the medicinal uses of Litsea chinensis Lam in tribal.

Taxonomical Classification

Family: Lauraceae


English: none


Synonyms in Ayurveda: medasaka, karkameda, medalakadi, medalakavi, meda

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