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Uses of indravaruni - Cucumis trigonus Roxb.

indravaruni :

Cucumis trigonus

General Use:

In Indian traditional systems of  medicine the fruit pulp of the plant is used as expectorant, 
liver tonic, stomachic and purgative. The fruit pulp is useful in leprosy, jaundice, diabetes, bronchitis and amentia
. Fruit pounded and boiled with cow’s milk and applied to the head is supposed to prevent insanity, strengthen the memory and remove vertigo. The drug is also used in snake bite.

Therapeutic Uses:

The green fruits, slightly sour; stomachic; cures “Kapha” and 
biliousness; increases “Vata”. The dried fruit is indigestible; astringents to the bowels; 
improves taste; cures “Kapha’ and biliousness (Ayurveda).the pulp of the fruits is very 
bitter and is a drastic purgative

Systemic Use:

The fruits are used in flatulence, leprosy, fever, jaundice, 
diabetes, cough, bronchitis, ascites, anaemia, constipation, other abdominal disorders and amentia. 


A decoction of the roots is preferred as being milder in 
its operation and causing less irritation. The seeds are cooling and astringents, and 
useful in bilious disorders


fruit pulp is bitter, acrid, thermogenic, 
anthelmintic, liver tonic, cardio tonic, appetizer, expectorant and intellect promoting 
(Kirtikar and Basu, 1999).

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