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Conclusion - indravaruni - Cucumis trigonus Roxb.

indravaruni :

Cucumis trigonus


The genus Cucumis belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae and its gene pool
is represented by 52 species (Kirkbride, 1993; Ghebretinsae et al., 2007; Kocyan
et al., 2007; Renner et al., 2007; Mabberley, 2008). Cucumis species occurred in a
large scale from 38°N and 37°S of old world, with more species in southern
hemisphere than in the northern hemisphere. Almost all the species in the genus
Cucumis are indigenous to Africa.Cucumis trigonus Roxb., a member of family
Cucurbitaceae is distributed throughout India and found in areas of Ceylon,
Afghanistan, Persia and Northern Australia. It is also known by several local /
vernacular names in the world

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