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Conclusion - indivara indivara - Monochoria vaginalis Presl.

indivara indivara :

indivara indivara : Monochoria vaginalis Presl.


The  plant  family  Pontederiaceae  consists of widespread herbs, perennial or annual, aquatic,  Floating,  or  rooted  in  substrate, inhabiting tropical and subtropical regions. Monochoria is a small genus of this plant family. It is a family  of  6 genera  and  40 species  which  is  widespread  in  tropical and sub tropical regions. These are fresh-water and  marsh herbs,  erect or  floating. An  aquatic  herb  short,  sub-erect  spongy root stocks found in rice fields, margins of tanks  and  pools,  swamps  and  marshes almost throughout  India, ascending  up to 1500 m. In the hills. Roots of Monochoria vaginalis are used in traditional medicine. The  entire  plant,  excepting  the  roots  is eaten as vegetable in java. Juice of leaves is  taken  for  coughs  and  that  of  root  for stomach and liver complaints, asthma and toothache.  The  root  is  chewed  for toothache  and  bark  eaten  with  sugar  for asthma.

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