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acuka - Morinda citrifolia, Morinda tinctoria, Morinda bracteata

acuka :

Green fruit, leaves, and root or rhizomes might have been used in Polynesian cultures as a general tonic, in addition to its traditional place in Polynesian culture as a famine food. Although Morinda is considered to have biological properties in traditional medicine, there is no confirmed evidence of clinical efficacy for any intended use. In 2018, a Hawaiian manufacturer of noni food and skincare products was issued an FDA warning letter for marketing unapproved drugs and making false health claims in violation of the US Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Taxonomical Classification

Kingdom: Plantae - Plants
Family: Rubiaceae
Genus: Morinda
Species: M. citrifolia


English: Great morinda, Indian mulberry, Noni, Beach mulberry, Cheese fruit.


Synonyms in Ayurveda:

General Use:

Indian Mulberry is Inflammatory in nature, therefore it is effective in preventing inflammation within the Body.
It bears Antiviral attributes which secure the Body from Viral Infections.
It powerfully assists the Body as an Antibacterial agent and protects the Body from Bacterial Infection.
The Antiaging property of Noni slows down the Aging process and improves skin complexion.
It is Adaptogenic in nature, which helps in balancing all body systems.
It boosts up the Immune System and prevents the Body against diseases. Often, it repairs the cellular damage.
The leaves are a good remedy for Rheumatism.
Indian Mulberry unripe fruit is favorable in healing Cuts.
It contains Selenium nutrient that promotes oxygen flow to the heart. Often, this nutrient prevents Blood Clotting and High Blood Pressure.
Limonene and Glycoside nutrients present in Indian Mulberry fruit potentially combats Cancer.
It bears Terpene content which removes the harmful toxins from the body and reinvigorates the cells.
Indian Mulberry fruit is enriched with proteins and alkaloids which are beneficial in promoting a Healthy living.
It is potent in providing relief from Cough and Nausea.
It is also useful in treating Asthma.
It prevents the blockage in Intestines to avoid the chances of Colic.

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