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Southern Star Medical Mission, Keshavpuram, New Delhi, New Delhi

Southern Star Medical Mission, Keshavpuram, New Delhi

Southern Star Medical Mission, Keshavpuram, New Delhi
Southern Star is a Kerala based health Institution extending their outstanding service in New Delhi at the same systematic manner, professional perfection, real quality and value as it in Kerala. Southern Star opens all days morning to evening, could pre reserve the convenient time of appointment by phone. It is a unit of Southern Star Hi-tech Development Ltd.


Southern Star provides service of well trained Kerala therapists perform ladies to ladies and gents to gents under medical supervision. And also well qualified and highly experienced Kerala Doctor is available for consultation.



The treatments offered by this centre are: Abhyanga, steam bath, uzhichil, pizhichil, udwarthanam, sirodhara, elakizhi, navarakizhi, sirovasti, talapodichil, panchakarma, kadivasti, urovasti, thalam, pichu, netrhatharpanam, gandoosham, carnapooranam, kashaya, vasti and snehavasti advised on consultation.

Southern Star offers maximum effective treatments for stubborn and chronic diseases like Arthritis, other joint disorders, backache, slip disc, disc degeneration, frozen shoulder, paralysis, facial palsy, cranial nerve disorders, sciatica, skin disease, respiratory disorders, gastro-intestinal problems, reproductive insufficiencies, female diseases, post pregnancy care, stress, strain, insanity, insomnia, mind loss, obesity, sinusitis, diabetes, aging problem.




C-7/242, DDA Flats, Keshavpuram, New Delhi - 110 035.
New Delhi, Delhi, India
Nearest Railway Station: Southern Star Medical Mission is located at Keshavpuram, New Delhi

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Phone: +91 11 27180512, +91 9718831395

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