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Nangelil Ayurveda Hospital, Ernakulam, Kerala, Ernakulam

Nangelil Ayurveda Hospital, Ernakulam, Kerala

Nangelil Ayurveda Hospital, Ernakulam, Kerala

Nangelil Hospital, Kothamangalam is an Ayurvedic Center founded by Late Shri Gopalan Vaidyar in 1985 and established over 220 years, with the tradition maintained. This institution is a blend of tradition and efficacy. It has branches all over the State in Kerala. It is a temple of Ayurveda and an Orthopedic Center.

In this center treatment is provided with all sanctity and tradition, with modern facilities like X-ray, ECG and Laboratory to ensure better diagnosis and treatment. It is an Ayurvedic Research Center where solutions for most diseases.


Dr.Vijayan Nangelil (Medical Superintendent), Dr.Jaya Vijayan and Dr.Vijith .V. Nangelil are prominent doctors, highly qualified and experienced who lead the team at this center with a group of other doctors who are efficient and dynamic supporting and serving the inmates of this center. This center has a team of well-qualified paramedical staff who are trained and highly experienced.



Ayurveda is a treatment where different types of massages are done to restore and increase blood circulation to improve the system for better living and eradicating diseases. It also improves and smoothen the texture of the skin. Massages relieve fatigue, weakness, and stress and strain. Some special massage techniques are used in the treatment of muscular-skeletal disorders.

We also specialize in treatments for spondilitis and lower back pain. Specialty of the Centre have an exclusive wing known as Marma, which is included in one of the Ayurvedic Specialty known as Salyatandra. This section deals with all types of orthopedic problems like fractures, grave bone disorders, inflammation and pain in the joints, paralysis, dislocation etc, along with general ayurvedic treatment for all other diseases. The center has a well-equipped section for Panchakarma and other treatments - Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, Dhara, Vasthi, Sirovasthi, Udvarthanam, Abhyangam, Nasyam, Snehapanam, Kizhi, Dhamayamla Dhara, Yoni Prakshalanam, Kativasthi, Urovsathi, Ksheeradhoomam, Thalam and Lepanam.




Kothamangalam, Ernakulam, Pin – 686691, Kerala.
Ernakulam, Kerala, India
Nearest Railway Station: It is located in Kothamangalam, Ernakulam, and Keral

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Phone: +91 485 2822035, +91 485 2825135

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