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Kati Vasti

Kati Vasti

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to all of the health issues it can assist with. Ayurvedic remedies and therapy alternatives will never focus on soothing the symptoms, whether its a typical cold, a high temperature, a sore throat, or lower back pain. Rather, theyll take a holistic approach, assisting in the development and maintenance of holistic well-being.

Kati Vasti treatment is an Ayurvedic approach to assisting people with lower back pain and other related issues. Kati Vasti is a type of lower back or lumbosacral therapy that uses heat and oil. The goal is to help restore the Vata dosha levels back to normal.

Treatment method of Kati Vasti
  • The thick dough is made with black gram paste in the Kati Vasti Ayurveda therapy procedure. The dough mold could be circular, oval, or rectangular, depending on the location of the patients pain in the back.
  • The dough is placed as a rim around the back of the patient while he or she is lying down on their stomach.
  • The dough rings edges are secured to the back using water to prevent it from slipping. This is similar to building an oil reservoir on the back of a car.
  • Warm the appropriate medicinal oil (made with herbs chosen according to the prevailing dosha) and pour it into the dough ring.
  • The oil is contained within the dough molds confines. The therapeutic qualities of the oil eventually permeate the tissues.
  • The oils warmth is maintained by regular replenishing.

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