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Ayurvedic Postnatal Treatment

Ayurvedic Postnatal Treatment

The first few months following delivery are critical for a mother because the uterus shrinks back to its usual size after delivery. In addition, the tendons, ligaments, and muscles that link to the uterus begin to restore the strength and power they lost during delivery. Ayurveda places a strong emphasis on postnatal care.

Ayurvedic Postnatal Care

All of the drugs and herbs listed below should never be taken at the same time. Depending on your symptoms and condition, an Ayurveda specialist may normally prescribe a mix of several medicines.

  • Dasamoolarishtam: It is a powerful immunity booster that helps to keep illnesses at bay. It is typically administered for the first few months because it also aids in the reduction of inflammation and pain.
  • Jeerakarishtam: Jeerakarishtam is a lactation inducer that is commonly administered to moms during the monsoon or winter seasons. This is due to its heated nature, which keeps the body warm.
  • Shatavari Gulam: By ingesting Shatavari Gulam, you can improve lactation and attain total hormonal balance.
  • Pulileham: From the third week onwards, new moms are given Pulileham for roughly a month and a half.
  • Shatavari: The herb Shatavari is combined with boiling milk to increase breast milk production and prevent postpartum depression. It is also beneficial for regular uterine involution.
  • Musta: Musta herbs reduce blockages in milk ducts and irritation in addition to enhancing breast milk production.

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