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Abhyangam is an ancient Ayurvedic relaxation massage technique that uses warm medicated oil to assist the mind, body, spirit, and immune system. Abhyangam massage can assist your body in eliminating all of the ama or impurities accumulated as a result of todays hectic lifestyles.

An appropriate amount of warm oil is administered to the entire body during the Ayurvedic Abhyangam massage, along with massage strokes that follow the pattern of arterial blood flow. The Abhyangam massage is a part of daily activities that should be followed to maintain well-being and good health, according to the Brhat Trayi and Laghutrayi Ayurvedic literature. It also serves as a warm-up for Panchakarma therapy, the five-step purgation, and expulsion process that thoroughly detoxifies the body

Abhyangam Massage Benefits
Long-term Abhyangam practice has a number of advantages that will benefit to cure many health issues, some of which are listed below.

Stress Reduction

According to Ayurveda, stress on the mind and body is the fundamental cause of issues in various areas of our lives, including physical health, personal relationships, economics, and spirituality. All of our stress and psychological worries originate in the mind, which is mirrored in the physical body. Stress can be relieved from the nervous system and the entire body can be relaxed by Abhyangam massage in combination with other Ayurvedic techniques.

Maintain healthy blood pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension can lead to heart attacks, strokes or kidney failure in later stages of life. Because hypertension is linked to stress and lifestyle decisions, it requires a complete therapeutic approach to be effectively managed. Permanent relief from the illness can be obtained with Ayurveda, Yoga therapy, and Abhyangam massage.

Boost your skins health

Glowing skin has always been associated with well-being and health in Ayurvedic scriptures. Abhyangam oil massage is an old tradition of thorough detoxification that is necessary for good skin. The heated oil nourishes the skin and tissues by penetrating deep into them. Abhyangam massage strokes are known to:

Muscle aches and stiffness can be reduced.

The aggravation of Vata in the body, according to Ayurveda, is the primary cause of all sorts of pain. It creates hypersensitivity in the muscles, resulting in discomfort and tenderness. Because it pacifies exacerbated Vata and eliminates ama (toxins) and strotorodha (blockage of circulation channels), Abhyangam massage is beneficial in the treatment of conditions connected with muscle discomfort.

Other benefits

Abhyangam is also reported to have the following advantages. Develop physical strength, improve vision, and raise vitality and alertness within the body to slow down the aging process and the changes that come with it

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