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How to get pregnant faster! The foods role

How to get pregnant faster! The foods role

Foods play a big role in strengthening our sexual organs and for their functions. If you consume required foods in ideal quantity it can create miracle and also helps in getting pregnant. This article explains about few food items that you need to include in your daily diet to strengthen your sexual system.
 Fertility foods list

1.       Maca (Lepidium meyenii)
Maca is an herb that is a native of central Peru in the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains. It is cultivated as a vegetable crop in these areas for at least 3000 years. Maca is a distant relative of the radish and has an odor like butterscotch. Maca is eaten either baked or roasted, prepared as a soup andeven used for making a type of fermented drink called Maca chicha. Many people also add it to their smoothies, oatmeal and sweets. The main edible part of the plant is the root. People usually consume Maca root generally in dried and powder form, but these days it is also available in capsules and as a liquid extract.This herb is also known as Peruvian Ginseng
This herb is known to increase semen volume and found to be effective in Erectile Dysfunction. It has been found that whoever consume this herb in the form of a supplement can expect higher libido. It is also known to have a positive effect on the sex drive and arousal of both men and women. This herb also reduces problems related to menstruation

2.       Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum)
Goji Berries or Wolf berry has their roots in ancient China. These red berries have a sweet, slightly-sour taste and often come in dried form like raisins. But these berries can also be used fresh. They can be eaten just like raisins or fresh berries.You can either mix them into your breakfast cereal or yogurt or add them to your trail mix. It can also be made into juice or tea. Goji berries also taste great cooked with lean pork or turkey, adding a savory sweetness to hearty dishes. Plus, their vitamin C content also will help your body absorb the meat’s iron.
Eating two or more servings of fruit a day is usually recommended for optimum health benefits.

Make sure to buy your berries from a reputable source, even though they tend to be expensive. Cheaper or imported brands have been known to contain sulfites. Sulfites can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Goji berries are generally considered safe for most people. Although some people report mild digestive issues when they first starting eating them. This can be a common side effect. If you have any chronic digestive or gastrointestinal issues, ask your doctor before using goji berries as a remedy.

These berries are known to improve your overall sexual stamina and mood. But that’s not all that does to your sexual health. They also keep temperatures in the scrotum at an optimum level. The Scrotum contains the testes which produce sperm. It has been proven that higher temperatures tend to hamper the sperm production and decrease the volume of semen that is released during ejaculation. They also promote sperm production by improving blood circulation and protect against free radical damage. 

Carrots are rich sources of Vitamin A. It has been found that Vitamin A is an important nutrient for increasing sperm production as well as improving their motility. By including carrots in your diet, you can have good health sperm and it helps in getting pregnant
4. Garlic
Garlic is very effective food that has been used for centuries in treating various physical ailments including heart problems and respiratory infections. What most people do not know is that it is a potent aphrodisiac and very effective in boosting sperm volume. It contains a compound called Allicin which improves blood flow to the sexual organs and is a natural foods to help you last longer in bed
Asparagus is a common vegetable that we use in our daily life. This is a green vegetable that is high in vitamin C is also good food to increase sperm count and volume. Vitamin C protects the sperm cells from damaging effects of the free radicals and this ensures that the sperm stored properly in the male reproductive system and makes sure it does not get depleted. Asparagus is also useful in curing various conditions like PCOD in women. Read more to learn how Asparagus helps in maintaining female health. 

6. Spinach
Green leafy vegetables are rich sources of folic acid. Low levels of folate can give rise to distorted sperm shapes such as ones with two heads and two tails. The sperm are also at an increase risk of chromosomal abnormalities when there is deficiency of Folic acid. This means firstly your sperm will find it difficult to reach an egg and even if it does reach an egg, it will not be able to fertilize it. Furthermore if an egg is formed after fertilization, the chances of birth defects are quite high in such cases. 

7. Bananas
Bananas contain an enzyme called Bromelain which is supposed to increase libido. This make it one among the viagra foods. They are also rich sources of vitamin B which can helps to increase in sexual stamina, making sure that you have more energy available for your sexual encounters. This makes it one of the main foods that help sexually in men 

8.  Eggs
Eggs are one of the main sources of Vitamin E. Eggs are considered to help in the production of healthy and strong sperm in the testicles. They are also believed to prevent sperms cells from the harmful effects of free radicals which kill sperm cells.
9. Oyster
Zinc is an essential mineral that plays an important role in improving testosterone levels as well as sperm production. Oysters are rich sources of this mineral. An increase in testosterone levels also helps improve your sexual desire and energy, which means that you are going to drive more pleasure from your sexual encounters beside having higher chances of conceiving

10. Dark Chocolate
A powerful aphrodisiac, dark chocolate contains L -Arginine. This is an amino acid which is known to increase semen volume as well as improve the intensity of your organs. Learn how L-Argine helps to cure Erectile Dysfunction.

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