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Why should wake up early in the morning?

Why should wake up early in the morning?

Early morning sunrise with orange flowers - Reasons to wake up early
Getting up early is what all our grandparents would recommend. For some it is quite difficult to practice, but if it is incorporated, it will have huge health benefits. Here are the seven good reasons why every health seeker should wake up early in the morning. 

1. Active Vata Advantage: According to Ayurveda, if we divide night into three parts, the last part of the night is dominated by Vata Dosha. So, if you wake up early in the morning, you will have the active Vata advantage.
What active Vata advantage means

Vata Dosha is responsible for body movement, flexibility, functioning of sense organs, enthusiasm, mental activities such as understanding, recalling, etc, proper secretion and release of hormones, enzymes etc. A well-balanced Vata keeps the body and mind in optimal condition. Hence getting up early injects enthusiasm into the mind and stimulates all the body organs.

2. Best time for gym: According to Ayurveda, the morning is best time for gym and exercise . Hence the enthusiasm derived out of getting up early can be well-directed and utilized through gym, exercise, Pranayama and Prayer.

3. Brahma Muhurta: Ayurveda explains Brahma Muhoorta as the time to wake up. This is the early morning period (last 48 minutes of the night).  This time is very auspicious and Satwik in nature. Hence, if one wakes up early in the morning, the mind will be filled up with all the positive energy during this period.

4. Body clock: The natural body mechanism has a virtual clock inside. This is known as biological clock. All the activities of the body such as secretion of hormones and enzymes are pre-scheduled. The body naturally is accustomed for sleep during night and active stage during day time. Hence maintaining a fixed time schedule for sleep and getting up early in the morning is very essential for healthy maintenance of organs and systems of the body.

5. Cortisol hormone: Early morning is the time when cortisol hormone secretion is maximum. Hence waking up early in the morning helps proper stimulation of all body organs.

6. Plan the day: Getting up early in the morning gives you time to arrange your daily activities more elegantly. Lessening the stress.

7. For students: Brahma Muhurtha is the best time to start study enabling maximum concentration.

8. For Prayer: Every religion says about the benefit of waking up in the morning, well its also the best time for the prayer too. Yoga and Pranayama there is no other time as good as early morning.

Hence waking up early in the morning  not only has health benefits, but also social benefits. So lets wake up early, kick-start every day with huge energy & enthusiasm and  make everyday successful, healthy and happy.

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