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Hair Fall and Dandruff

Hair Fall and Dandruff

Dandruff and hairfall are very common conditions that happen on the scalp. It is the dry, itchy and flaky skin that often falls off on the shoulders. Although it is not the main factor of hair fall, scratching the scalp due to its itchiness and the dandruff itself can damage hair follicles which causes hair strands to fall off. Aggressively scratching the scalp may lead to scarring and can slow down or stop hair growth. 

There are different external and internal factors for hair fall and dandruff. From lack of sleep, stress, poor nutrition, diet, strong shampoo products, dry skin, to climate and pollution. As the environmental factors are impossible to prevent, lifestyle improvements and managing stress will keep the patient from scratching their head.   

  • Itchy Scalp
  • White flakes on shoulders, eyebrows

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