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Sciatica & Lower back Pain

Sciatica & Lower back Pain

Sciatica is a lower back pain caused by a herniated disk in the spine or a bone spur on the vertebrae pinching the sciatic nerve. It jolts you from the lumbar (lower spine), to the buttock, and all the way down to the back of the calf and thigh like an electric shock. The excruciating pain which you can also get from prolonged sitting can feel like a burning sensation which can be much worse when you cough or sneeze. Sometimes, muscle weakness or numbness can be present in the affected leg as well. Obesity can also cause sciatica as excess body weight influences spinal changes. It also depends on your occupation. Working in an office that requires you to sit for a long period everyday will make you prone to this disease.In addition, jobs that demand too much physical strength, i.e. carrying heavy loads can be a factor for sciatica.


  • Numbness in your leg
  • Affected leg gets weak
  • Pain radiating from lower back till full leg

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