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Thalapothichil, also known as Shirolepa, is an Ayurvedic treatment that uses medicinally valuable herbal pastes. Thalapothichil involves thoroughly covering the scalp in herbal pastes that penetrate and nourish the brain and central nervous system, revitalizing the person from the inside out.

Things needed for Thalapothichil:
  • powdered amla
  • Buttermilk
  • Pot made of clay
  • Leaves from a banana or a lotus
  • Head massage oil with medicinal properties
Benefits of Thalapothichil
  • Corrects pitta Dosha imbalance.
  • Relaxes and calms the mind; relaxes and soothes the body; stabilizes the neurological system
  • Marma (vital areas) points are activated.
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, and head heaviness; improves sleep quality; improves hair shine and smoothness; improves memory
  • Relaxes nourishes and rejuvenates the head and neck area.

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